Location based services based on Cell-ID

No activity here for a long time, but now it’s time to start blogging again.

Yesterday I found an interesting article about Place-Its, which might be described as mobile post-it notes that are activated on your cell phone when entering/exiting certain locations. The user can add notes and the criteria for activating the notes, such as “when arriving at work”. The positioning is based on GSM location (MCC, MNC, LAC and Cell-ID). This could be very interesting for mLearning, and relates to the concept Context Awareness, and applications such as IYOUIT and the papers written about that.

I will try to get a student to write some application about that, with the addition of a web based interface as well, and with the addition of adding links to reminders. This could be used for getting reminders of what to study in mLearning situations such as when entering the subway station. Python Series 60 is probably the best choice for developing such an application.

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